JLAB_ALLHELP is in the main directory of jLab.

 JLAB_ALLHELP  Displays the help comments for all JLAB modules. 
    jCell:  Tools for operating on cell arrays of column vectors
    Basic mathematical operations
      cellabs    - Absolute value of each element in a cell array.                    
      cellmax    - Maximum of each element in a cell array.                           
      cellmin    - Minimum of each element in a cell array. 
      cellmean   - Mean value of each element a cell array.  
      cellstd    - Standard deviation of each element a cell array.
      cellreal   - Real part of each element in a cell array.                         
      cellimag   - Imaginary part of each element in a cell array.    
      celllog10  - Base ten logarithm of each element in a cell array.
      celladd    - Addition acting on each element in a cell array.                   
      cellmult   - Multiplication acting on each element in a cell array.   
      celldiv    - Division acting on each element in a cell array.
    Reshaping, indexing, and sizes
      cell2col   - Converts cell arrays of numeric arrays into 'column-appended' form.
      col2cell   - Converts 'column-appended' data into cell arrays of numeric arrays.
      cellindex  - Applies a cell array of indices to a cell array of column vectors. 
      cellchunk  - Converts cell array data into uniform length 'chunks'.             
      cellength  - Length of each element in a cell array.                            
      cellsize   - Size of each element in a cell array along specified dimension.
      cellget    - Indexes a cell array of numerical arrays by ID number.
      cellimit   - Limits the ranges of times in a cell array of numerical arrays.
    Data processing
      cellstrip  - Strips NaN values from the beginnings or ends of cell arrays.
      cellsplit  - Splits cell arrays of numeric arrays at data gaps.
      cellprune  - Removes all empty cells, or cells less than a specified length.
      cellpack   - Removes all NaN values from cell arrays of numeric arrays.
      cellfill   - Fills missing data marked by NaNs in a cell array.
      cellgrid   - Interpolate a cell array of numeric arrays onto a regular grid.
      cellfirst  - Returns the first element of each entry in a cell array.
      cellplot   - Rapidly plot all element of a cell array of numeric arrays. 
    See also jVarfun.
    jCommon:  Useful general-purpose functions, common to other JLAB modules
    Array functions
      aresame    - Test whether two N-D arrays are the same.                        
      arrayify   - Converts a set of scalars or arrays into column arrays.            
      blocklen   - Counts the lengths of 'blocks' in an array.                        
      blocknum   - Numbers the contiguous blocks of an array.   
      lnsd       - Last non-singleton dimension of an array.                          
      matmult    - Matrix multiplication for arrays of matrices.                      
      nonnan     - Return all non-NAN elements of an array.                           
      vectmult   - Matrix multiplication for arrays of vectors.    
    File and directory tools
      commentlines - Returns the comment lines from m-files.                          
      findfiles    - Returns all files in a directory with a specified extension.       
      findpath     - Returns the full pathname of a directory on the Matlab search path.
      jhelp        - Opens linked JLAB help files in Matlab's internal web browser.     
      whichdir     - Returns directory name containing file in search path.             
      standalone   - Create stand-alone version of an m-file, including dependencies.
    Mathematical aliases
      choose     - Binomial coefficient: CHOOSE(N,K) =  N!K!/(N-K)!
      frac       - Fraction: FRAC(A,B)=A./B                                                    
      imlog      - Imaginary part of log: IMLOG(X)=UNWRAP(IMAG(LOG(X)))                                      
      iseven     - True for even integer values; false otherwise.                     
      isodd      - True for odd integer values; false otherwise. 
      oprod      - Outer product:  OPROD(X,Y)=X*CONJ(Y')                              
      res        - Residual after flooring:  RES(X)=X-FLOOR(X)                        
      rot        - Complex-valued rotation:  ROT(X)=EXP(SQRT(-1)*X)  
      squared    - Squares the modulus of its argument:  SQUARED(X)=ABS(X).^2
    Matrices, polynomials, and special functions
      jmat2      - 2x2 rotation matrix through specified angle.                       
      jmat3      - 3x3 rotation matrix through specified angle.  
      tmat       - 2x2 complex grouping matrix.  TMAT = [1  i; 1 -i] / SQRT(2)
      bellpoly   - Complete Bell polynomials.  
      hermpoly   - Hermite polynomials. [with F. Rekibi]   
      hermfun    - Orthonormal Hermite functions. [with F. Rekibi]                    
    Dataset organization as structures
      make       - Create a structure containing named variables as fields.  
      matsave    - Create and save structure of variables as a mat-file. 
      use        - Copies structure fields into named variables in workspace.         
      cum2mom    - Convert cumulants to moments.    
      mom2cum    - Convert moments to cumulants.                                      
      pdfprops   - Mean and variance associated with a probability distribution.  
      simplepdf  - Gaussian, uniform, Cauchy, and exponential pdfs.                   
    Filling bad data points
      fillbad    - Linearly interpolate over bad data points.  
    Date, time, and units
      yearfrac    - Converts a DATENUM into 'year.fraction' and 'month.fraction'.
      cms2kmd     - Converts centimeters per second to kilometers per day.
    jEllipse:  Analysis of modulated elliptical, or bivariate, signals
     Elliptical signal properties
      ellband    - Bandwidth of modulated elliptical signals in two or three dimensions. 
      ellparams  - Ellipse parameters of a modulated bivariate or trivariate oscillation.
      ellvel     - Average and instantaneous ellipse velocities.    
      ellrad     - Average and instantaneous ellipse radius.                             
     Elliptical signal generation and conversions
      ellsig     - Creates a modulated elliptical signal in two or three dimensions.     
      sig2latlon - Converts an oscillatory signal to lat/lon displacements.  
      elldiff    - Differentiation of modulated elliptical signals.    
     Plotting tools
      ellcurves   - Returns curves corresponding to specified ellipse properties.         
      ellipseplot - Plot ellipses.
     Basic ellipse properties 
      ab2kl      - Converts A and B to ellipse parameters Kappa and Lambda.              
      kl2ab      - Converts ellipse parameters Kappa and Lambda to A and B.              
      ecconv     - Converts between eccentricity measures.          
      ellrossby  - Ellipse Rossby number, for oceanographic applications.                
     See also jRidges, jSpectral, jWavelet.
    jFigures:  A low-level directory containing routines for example figures.
    jGraph:  Plotting tools and refinements for making high-quality figures
    High-level graphical post-processing
      fixlabels    - Specify precision of axes labels. 
      fontsize     - Rapidly set title, axes, label, and text fontsizes.              
      letterlabels - For automatically putting letter labels on subplots.           
      linecolor    - Set line colors based on a property value within a colormap.                    
      linestyle    - Rapidly set color, style, and width properties of lines.
      linering     - Moves lines through the current line style order. 
      packfig      - Squeeze together rows and/or columns of the current figure. 
     Oceanography-specific plotting tools
      hodograph  - Generate hodograph plots (simple and fancy).                                   
      provec     - Generate progressive vector diagrams (simple and fancy).             
      stickvect  - Plots "stick vectors" for multicomponent velocity time series.  
    Modified plotting functions
      discretecolorbar - Plots a colorbar with discrete variation.  
      jpcolor          - Modified version of PCOLOR appropriate for cell-centered grids.  
      patchcontourf    - Generate filled contours using patches, with specified colors.
      uvplot           - Plots the real and imaginary parts of a signal on the same axis.
    Figure tweaking
      dlines     - Add diagonal lines to a plot.  
      hlines     - Add horizontal lines to a plot.                                  
      vlines     - Add vertical lines to a plot.   
      nocontours - Removes contours from a CONTOURF plot.                           
      noxlabels  - Remove some or all x-axis tick mark labels.                      
      noylabels  - Remove some or all y-axis tick mark labels. 
      xoffset    - Offsets lines in the x-direction after plotting.       
      yoffset    - Offsets lines in the y-direction after plotting.                 
      xtick      - Sets locations of x-axis tick marks.                             
      ytick      - Sets locations of y-axis tick marks.                             
      ztick      - Sets locations of z-axis tick marks.
    Graphics aliases
      boxon      - Sets 'box' property to 'off'.                                    
      boxon      - Sets 'box' property to 'on'.                                                                  
      flipmap    - Flips the current colormap upside-down.                          
      flipx      - Flips the direction of the x-axis                                
      flipy      - Flips the direction of the y-axis    
      inticks    - Sets the 'tickdir' property of the current axis to 'in'.
      outticks   - Sets the 'tickdir' property of the current axis to 'out'.         
      xlin       - Sets x-axis scale to linear.                                      
      xlog       - Sets x-axis scale to logarithm.                                 
      ylin       - Sets y-axis scale to linear.                                      
      ylog       - Sets y-axis scale to log.        
      lansey     - The Lansey modification of Cynthia Brewer's "Spectral" colormap.
    Low-level functions
      axeshandles - Returns handles to all axes children.
      crop        - Gets rid of whitespace around an image. [by A. Bliss]             
      linehandles - Finds all line and patch handles from a given set of axes.
      linestyleparse - Parses the input string to LINESTYLE.
    jMap:  Mapping scattered data using local polynomial fitting
      polysmooth - Smoothing scattered 2D data with local polynomial fitting. 
      spheresort - Sorted great circle distances to nearby points on the earth.
      twodsort   - Distances from data points to nearby grid points.   
    jMatern:  Parametric spectral analysis based on the Matern process
    Top-level functions
      maternspec - Fourier spectrum of the Matern random process and variations.                                
      materncov  - Autocovariance of the Matern random process and variations.                         
      maternimp  - Impulse response function for the Matern random process.    
      maternoise - Realizations of the Matern process and variations, including fBm. [with A. Sykulski]
      maternfit  - Parametric spectral fit to the Matern form. [with A. Sykulski]
      makefigs_matern - Makes all figures for Lilly et al. 2017.
    Other utilities
      blurspec   - Returns the blurred and aliased spectrum given the autocovariance.
      fminsearchbnd  - FMINSEARCH, but with bound constraints by transformation. [By J. D'Errico]
    Low-level Matern functions
      materncfun - Returns the normalization function C_ALPHA for a Matern process.
      maternchol - Cholesky decomposition of Matern and fBm covariances. [with A. Sykulski]
      maternedge - Long-time cutoff edge for the Matern impulse response function.               
    See also jSpectral.
    jMatfiles:  Descriptions of included mat-files, mostly for testing and examples.
      bravo94      - Labrador Sea mooring data from Lilly et. al (1999).
      drifterbetty - Two-hour resolution drifter trajectory, AOML GDP id #44000.
      ebasnfloats  - "Meddy" float data analyzed in Lilly and Olhede (2009,10,11,12).
      goldsnapshot - Snapshot from GOLD model, courtesy of Harper Simmons.
      labseatpjaos - Altimeter data for the Labrador Sea, analyzed in Lilly (2017).
      npg2006      - Float data analyzed in Lilly and Gascard (2006).
      qgsnapshot   - Snapshot of f-plane QG turbulence from a simulation by J. Early.
      slasnapshot  - Snapshot of AVISO 1/4 degree sea level anomaly on Jan. 1, 2007.
      solomon      - Solomon Islands Earthquake data analyzed in Lilly (2011).
      vortex       - QG model of a barotropic jet on a beta plane, by R. K. Scott.
    jOceans:  Oceanography-specific data and model analysis tools
    Conversions for Lagrangian trajectories
      latlon2uv   - Converts latitude and longitude to horizontal velocity.  
      uv2latlon   - Integrates horizontal velocity to give latitude and longitude.  
    Manipulating Lagrangian trajectories [see also jCell]
      trajextract - Extracts Lagrangian trajectory segments within given region.        
      trajunwrap  - Unwraps Lagrangian trajectories from a periodic domain.              
      trajwrap    - Wraps Lagrangian trajectories to fit within a periodic domain.       
      trajchunk   - Converts cell array data into chunks based on the Coriolis period.
    Idealized numerical model tools
      psi2fields   - Velocity and other fields from the streamfunction. [with P.E. Isachsen]    
      periodize    - Returns a doubly periodic version of an input array.   
    Eulerian eddy identification and analysis
      inellipse    - Locates points on the interior of ellipses.                          
      closedcurves - Locate and interpolate closed curves in a possibly periodic domain.
      curvemoments - Centroid, area, and many other moments of a closed curve.          
      divgeom      - Geometric decomposition of eddy vorticity flux divergence.     
    Plotting tools for mooring data
      hodograph  - Generate hodograph plots (simple and fancy).                                   
      provec     - Generate progressive vector diagrams (simple and fancy).             
      stickvect  - Plots "stick vectors" for multicomponent velocity time series. 
    Alongtrack altimetry tools
      trackextract  - Extracts alongtrack altimetry segments within given region.
    NetCDF tools
      ncinterp      - Interpolate field from NetCDF file onto specified positions.
    Topography tools and data
      jtopo.mat   - One-sixth degree global topography, from Smith and Sandwell + IBCAO.              
      topoplot    - Plot regional or global topography at one-sixth degree resolution.
     See also jData.
    jRidges:  Wavelet ridge analysis of modulated oscillatory signals
     Top-level functions
      ridgewalk  - Extract wavelet transform ridges, including bias estimates. 
      ridgemap   - Maps ridge quantities back onto the time series.            
      instmom    - Univariate and multivariate instantaneous moments.          
     Ridge utilities
      ridgelen   - Wavelet ridge length expressed as number of full cycles.    
      periodindex - Returns time index in increments of instantaneous period.  
     See also jEllipse, jWavelet.
     jSpectral:  Multitaper spectral analysis, and other time series tools
     Multitaper spectral analysis
      sleptap    - Calculate Slepian tapers.                                        
      mspec      - Multitaper power and cross spectra.       
     Multitaper polarization analysis
      msvd       - Singular value decomposition for polarization analysis.   
      polparams  - Spectral matrix polarization parameters.                         
      specdiag   - Diagonalize a 2 x 2 spectral matrix.        
    Assorted other transforms 
      slidetrans  - Sliding-window ('moving-window') Fourier transform.   
      anatrans    - Analytic part of signal.                                         
      wigdist     - Wigner distribution (alias-free algorithm).   
    Time series analysis utilities
      doublen     - Interpolates a time series to double its length.                 
      fourier     - The one-sided Fourier frequencies for a given length time series.
      sampletimes - Computes mean sampling intervals and their statistics.          
     Plotting tools
      twospecplot - Plots a pair of rotary or Cartesian spectra.   
     See also jWavelet, jEllipse, jMatern.
    jSphere:  Tools for latitude, longitude, and spherical geometry
    Simple lat / lon conversions
      deg180     - Converts degrees to the range [-180,180].                        
      deg360     - Converts degrees to the range [0, 360].
      degunwrap  - Unwraps arrays given in degrees.
      jdeg2rad   - Converts degrees to radians.                                     
      jrad2deg   - Converts radians to degrees.   
    Distances and regions 
      inregion   - Tests whether lat/lon points lie within a specified box.         
      spheredist - Computes great circle distances on a sphere.            
    Earth constants and frequencies
      radearth   - The radius of the earth in kilometers.   
      corfreq    - Coriolis frequency in radians per hour.   
      tidefreq   - Frequencies of the eight major tidal components.
    Coordinate transformations 
      latlon2xy  - Converts latitude and longitude into local Cartesian coordinates.
      latlon2xyz - Converts latitude and longitude into 3D Cartesian coordinates.   
      xy2latlon  - Converts local Cartesian coordinates into latitude and longitude.
      xyz2latlon - Converts 3D Cartesian coordinates into latitude and longitude.   
      sphere2uvw - Converts a 3D spherical vector to a 3D Cartesian vector. 
    Differential operators
      spherecurl - Curl of a vector field on the surface of a sphere.               
      spherediv  - Divergence of a vector field on the surface of a sphere.         
      spheregrad - Gradient of a field on the surface of a sphere.                  
      spherelap  - Laplacian of a field on the surface of a sphere.   
      sphereinterp  - Fast linear interpolation on the sphere from non-plaid grids.
    Plotting tools
      latratio   - Set plot aspect ratio for latitude / longitude plot.    
      lonshift   - Shifts longitude origin for plotting purposes.                   
      regionplot - Plots a simple box indicating a latitude / longitude region.    
    jStats:  Fast statistical analysis of large datasets in two dimensions
      twodhist   - Two-dimensional histogram.  
      twodstats  - Mean, variance, and covariance of functions of two variables.
      twodmed    - Median value of a function of two variables.                 
    jVarfun:  Perform common operations on multiple variables simultaneously.
     Sizes and statistics
      vsize      - Returns the sizes of multiple arguments.                           
      vmean      - Mean over non-NaN elements along a specified dimension.             
      vsum       - Sum over non-NaN elements along a specified dimension.              
      vstd       - Standard deviation over non-NaN elements along a specfied dimension.
      vmoment    - Central moment over non-NaN elements along a specfied dimension.    
      vmedian    - Median over finite elements along a specified dimension. 
     Reshaping, shifting, swapping
      vcolon     - Condenses its arguments, like X(:).                                
      vshift     - Cycles the elements of an array along a specified dimension.       
      vsqueeze   - Squeezes multiple input arguments simultaneously.                  
      vrep       - Replicates an array along a specified dimension.                   
      vswap      - VSWAP(X,A,B) replaces A with B in numeric array X.                         
      vtranspose - Transpose multiple input arguments simultaneously. 
      vzeros     - Initializes multiple variables to arrays of zeros or nans. 
      vempty     - Initializes multiple variables to empty sets or empty cell arrays. 
     Operations and indexing
      vfilt      - Filtering along rows without change in length.                     
      vdiff      - Length-preserving first central difference. 
      vindex     - Indexes an N-D array along a specified dimension.                  
      vindexinto - Indexes into N-D array along a specified dimension.
     Reshaping dataset composed of irregular length segments 
      col2mat    - Expands 'column-appended' data into a matrix.                      
      colbreaks  - Insert NANs into discontinuties in a vector.                       
      mat2col    - Compress NAN-padded matrix data into long columns.    
     See also jCell.
    jWavelet: Continuous wavelet analysis using generalized Morse wavelets
    Top-level wavelet transform functions
      wavetrans    - Continuous wavelet transform.
      morsewave    - Generalized Morse wavelets of Olhede and Walden (2002).              
      morsespace   - Logarithmically-spaced frequencies for generalized Morse wavelets.   
      wavespecplot - Plot of wavelet spectra together with time series.
    Details of generalized Morse wavelets 
      morsearea   - Time-frequency concentration area of Morse wavelets. [with F. Rekibi]
      morsebox    - Heisenberg time-frequency box for generalized Morse wavelets.        
      morsefreq   - Frequency measures for generalized Morse wavelets. [with F. Rekibi]  
      morseprops  - Properties of the demodulated generalized Morse wavelets.            
      morsexpand  - Generalized Morse wavelets via time-domain Taylor series.
      morsederiv  - Frequency-domain derivatives of generalized Morse wavelets.
    Element analysis using generalized Morse wavelets
      transmax     - Locates modulus maximum points of wavelet transform.
      transmaxdist - Distributions of wavelet transform maxima in noise.
      morseregion  - Generalized Morse wavelet time-frequency concentration region.
      isomax       - Returns those transform maxima that are isolated from others.
      maxprops     - Returns properties of wavelet transform maxima.
      max2eddy     - Converts transform maxima into oceanic coherent eddy properties.
    Low-level functions
      morseafun  - Returns the generalized Morse wavelet amplitude or a-function.                 
      morsehigh  - High-frequency cutoff of the generalized Morse wavelets.
      morseproj  - Projection coefficient for two generalized Morse wavelets.           
      morsemom   - Frequency-domain moments of generalized Morse wavelets. 
      jdawson    - The Dawson function. [By P.J. Acklam]          
    Morlet wavelet 
      morlwave   - Morlet wavelet.                                                      
      morlfreq   - Compute Morlet wavelet carrier frequency given peak frequency.   
    See also jRidges, jSpectral, jEllipse.
    This is part of JLAB --- type 'help jlab' for more information
    (C) 2015--2017 J.M. Lilly --- type 'help jlab_license' for details

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