jMatern is a module of jLab.

  jMatern:  Parametric spectral analysis based on the Matern process
  Top-level functions
    maternoise - Realizations of the Matern process and variations, including fBm.  [with A. Sykulski]
    maternspec - Fourier spectrum of the Matern random process and variations.                                
    materncov  - Autocovariance of the Matern random process and variations.                         
    maternimp  - Impulse response function for the Matern random process.                      
  Other utilities
    blurspec   - Returns the blurred and aliased spectrum given the autocovariance.
    fminsearchbnd  - FMINSEARCH, but with bound constraints by transformation. [By J. D'Errico]
  Low-level Matern functions
    materncfun - Returns the normalization function C_ALPHA for a Matern process.
    maternchol - Cholesky decomposition of Matern and fBm covariances.
    maternedge - Long-time cutoff edge for the Matern impulse response function.               
  See also jSpectral.

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