PROVEC is the jGraph module of jLab.

 PROVEC  Generate progressive vector diagrams (simple and fancy).
    Simple provecs:
      PROVEC(U,V,DELTAT) generates a simple progressive vector diagram
      plotting cumsum(U*DELTAT) vs cumsum(V*DELTAT).  U and V are
      column vectors, or matrices with time oriented in columns.
      DELTAT (optional) must be in units of seconds and defaults to
      one hour (3600 s).  U and V must have units of cm/s.
      PROVEC(CV,DELTAT), where CV=U+iV, also works.
      INT=PROVEC(...) outputs the integrated dispacement INT in km.
    Fancy provecs:
      A fancy provec use SCATTER to plot change the color and/or sizes
      of the points according to another parameter, say density.  A
      colorbar is also plotted.
      PROVEC(U,V,C,DELTAT) uses C as the symbol color.  The array C
      must have the same size as U and V.
      PROVEC(U,V,C,S,DELTAT) also uses S as the symbol size.  The
      array S must have the same size as U and V.
      PROVEC(CV,C,DELTAT) and PROVEC(CV,C,S,DELTAT) also work.
      Note that since SCATTER is slow for large datasets, it is useful
      to decimate the data before plotting.  This is accomplished
      using PROVEC(...,INDEX,[DELTAT]), where INDEX is placed just
      before the optional DELTAT.  Then only the points INT(INDEX,:)
      of the integrated trajectory are plotted.
      [INT,H,HC]=PROVEC returns the intergrated displacement INT, the
      handle H to the data, and the handle HC to the colorbar axis.
    PROVEC(DCOL,...), where DCOL is a scalar or a row vector,
    specifies that the columns of the data are to by offset by amount
    DCOL after plotting, for both simple and fancy provecs.  
    If DCOL is a scalar, then successive columns after the first are
    offset by amount -DCOL.  If DCOL is a row vector, then it
    specifies the offset for each column of the data.
    As an example,
           load bravo94
           caxis([-8 8])
    makes part of Figure 6b of Lilly and Rhines (2002) JPO.
    Usage: int=provec(cv);
    This is part of JLAB --- type 'help jlab' for more information
    (C) 1999--2012 J.M. Lilly --- type 'help jlab_license' for details        

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