JLAB_MAKEFIGS is in the main directory of jLab.

 JLAB_MAKEFIGS  Makes figures for papers by J.M. Lilly.
    JLAB_MAKEFIGS NAME makes all figures for the publication NAME, as follows. 
   'jLab_makefigs matern':
    Lilly, J. M., A. M. Sykulski, J. J. Early, and S. C. Olhede (2017).
        Fractional Brownian motion, the Matern process, and stochastic 
        modeling of turbulent dispersion.  Submitted to Nonlinear Processes
        in Geophysics.
    'jLab_makefigs element':
    Lilly, J. M.  (2017).  Element analysis: a wavelet-based method for
        analyzing time-localized events in noisy time series.  In revision 
        at Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series A.

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